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Christmas Factory is On Full STEAM @HKUGAC

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

It is the end of the semester and the last session we have in 2022, the class wanted to make some gifts for the school, a set of glass cups and bottle with their school and house logos on them, using the new skills they learnt in the past sessions, so we powered up the machines and get to work.

Each student took charge in creating a vinyl sticker of the logo for a different house. We took the images to Inkscape and created cut files by tracing them. They took different approaches and added some personal touches to their designs.

Then, the SVG cut files are put into Cricut Design Space and vinyl stickers are made with Cricut machines.

The weeded vinyl stickers were applied onto to the glass cups and bottle to make an ornated set for the school.

Apart from that, we made some snowflake ball ornaments with the students. The icosahedron design of the snowflake ball is not only beautiful, but also is the perfect example to illustrate the structure of the polyhedron. We further explained other polyhedrons in the Platonic solids family and why there is only five in the world.

With some instructions and a lot of fun, students have created some lovely baubles for the holiday season. This one they got to take home.

Thank you all and have a merry Christmas. See you next year.

by Archie

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