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Definitely Not Mickey Stuff! @HKUGAC

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

In previous classes we have created products mostly with templates and images we found on Cricut Design Space (CDS), this time we create our own image, using an incredible yet free software, Inkscape. This is a handy tool for creating SVG images (SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic), which makes sure your cut lines are sharp and precise.

We drew with simple, shapes such as circles and stars, to create our image, and we used techniques, like duplicating and aligning, to accelerate the process. Finally, we needed to create a cut file, by first unionizing objects into a layer, in the exercise we made two, and save a SVG file, for which we uploaded to CDS and cut. Students went home with some adorable vinyl stickers, and a project that is easily scalable, adjustable and repeatable.

- Archie

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