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No More Boring Mugs! @HKUGAC

It was my first class that I planned and taught. There was a bit of hiccups at the beginning, but once we picked up the pace, the class went smoothly.

This time, we taught them how to use the "Cricut Mug Press". The students learned to heat-transfer design patterns in ink on a mug's polyesterized surface, through a process called dye-sublimation printing. And we did it in two styles, one used the "Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet" to make a cut-out design, and the other "Infusible Ink Pens" to plot and draw. The latter of which allowed students to more freely express themselves. Using ink pens, they added their names and drew ornamental patterns.

To begin with, we did our designs on "Cricut Design Space", and then cut and drew them out with the "Cricut Explore" machines. To apply the infusible ink sheet, we stuck it to the mug first with "Heat Resistant Tapes" before heating the mug in the "Mug Press". Following proper safety precautions, everyone could easily make their own mugs.

Each student was able to bring home their personalised uniquely patterned mugs. We look forward to making more craft pieces together in forthcoming sessions.

- Archie

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