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We attended a paper-cutting design workshop by Nick Tsao of "" on July 9. It's held at Spectrum inside the revitalised Central Market. There was someone playing live easy-listening music nearby during our session. The ambience is nice, relaxing and inspiring.

Since I seldom draw anything, it is quite a challenge to me. Nick makes it easier by explaining the basic concepts and showing numerous examples to illustrate various ideas. When it comes to picking my own theme, it's quite easy - my wife's favourite cartoon character, Keroppi!

We were joined by a pair of sisters who are attending university in Australia. One is doing anatomy and the other environmental sciences - as you might associate from their artworks :-). Both pieces were done very professionally.

After the session, we can choose the colour of the paper and optionally the piece of fabric to go with our design. I was lucky as there were fabrics with just the desired green colours. If you plan your piece in advance, you may bring your own fabrics too. Note that Nick allowed me to have a multi-part piece. The conventional paper-cut artwork is, however, in one single piece. If your original design starts out in multiple parts like mine, Nick has quite a few tricks up his sleeves to help turn it into one.

Nick's real work started after we finished. He brought back the paper drawings with our material choices jotted down, scanned them and made minor adjustment using imaging software in order to optimise for Cricut, the smart cutting machine. Finally, he would piece everything together, neatly place the finished work in a sturdy package and ship it out. You would expect to receive your "exquisite masterpiece" by courier in 2 to 4 days.

I enjoyed the session very much. Focusing and learning something new took my mind off the usual things. The experience was quite refreshing. I highly recommend Nick's paper-cut workshop to anyone interested in paper crafts or just wanting to have a nice time.

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