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Poly Cow! - Hong Kong University Graduate Association College

We are back today for another class at HKUGAC. We focus on the techniques to print 3D models. From our experience, 3D-printing newbies encounter many hiccups so we hope to help our students avoid them as they start.

William talked about some special features of the CEL Robox machines for fine-tuning the printing process for better results. Choosing material is also crucial. The right material can save you a lot of time, work and headaches.

But nothing is more exciting than hands-on experience, so we printed and built, as an example, the multi-part cows using the Polysmooth filaments by Polymaker. This plastic is soluble in isopropyl alcohol (IPA). So, with the help of the Polysher (an IPA nebulizer), we easily smoothed out the printed parts' surface, creating a sparkling look on the finished project.

To end the class, we introduced them to Thingiverse, a 3D-model repository, to jumpstart their creative journey. We hope the many designs there would spark their interests in 3D printing and modelling.




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