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Retractable Button Pusher

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

In one of our 3D Printing classes, we use the retractable button pusher to illustrate the usefulness of 3D printing in our daily lives, and we ask the students to modify the design by engraving their initials onto the device body. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Click the following link to download this .stl file.

Step 2. Open Tinkercad and start creating a new 3D design.

Import the Button-Pusher-Body.stl you have just downloaded. You do not need to scale the model.

You do not need to scale the model.

Step 3. Use the "Text" function to create a 3D block, by clicking the "Text" button on the right,

and then by clicking on the Workplane.

The dialog box allows you tho change the parameters of the text block.

Change the text to your initial. I here change to "A" as an example.

Change the height to 5

Select "Hole"

Step 4. Move the text block into the wall of the lift button pusher body.

You may rotate the text block by dragging the double-headed arrow on it.

Adjust the size by dragging one of the white squares, or by clicking the square and type in the dimension.

I change my inital to 10 by 10.

Elevate the text block by dragging the cone above it.

Move the initial into the wall by dragging the text block.

Step 5. Merge the two blocks by pressing Crtl+A,

and clicking the "Group" button on top.

Now you have a lift button pusher body with your initial on it.

Export it as a .stl file,

You can now print it with a 3D printer.

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