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Winner of Hackaday Grand Prize 2018!


Dexter employs FPGA technology to implement the feedback and control system.  This allows the use of low precision parts (e.g. 3D printed optical encoders) to achieve high precision.  


The Fully Assembled Dexter is out of the box ready.  Turn Dexter on and Launch DDE and start programming.


The robot is trainable, human safe and high precision.  Training Dexter can be done manually by moving the robot around and capturing points and paths.  Dexter can also be trained by our versatile programming environment DDE.  


The use of an FPGA supercomputer makes Dexter is intrinsically human safe.  You can touch Dexter anywhere and it will feel you.  This supercomputing also give Dexter sub 50micron repeatablilty from non-precision parts.


VIsit for more details.

Dexter Robotic Arm - Maker Version

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